Again with the irises . . .


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Nov 19, 2011
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Long Island, New York
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I've posted pictures of irises before, but I find them so attractive I find it hard to pass them by without taking a shot. I remember an all-night classical music radio d.j. in NY decades ago, who went by the name "Fleetwood," who played a beautiful sonata, and when it was over he said, "I always say, 'a woman worth kissing once is worth kissing twice,' and then he played it again. I'm not sure what it meant, or if one could say it today on the air, but it has been in my memory for about 50 years. So here's another iris image.

I can't help it either. Not a big flower kinda guy but, irises are cool. Maybe because they're similar to orchids with much less maintenance. Lol. IDK. Of all the flowers the X planted, the irises are the only ones I actually care about.
Nice flowers and nice story.
They are my absolute favorite. We have a few beds of the Japanese iris here. They’re almost a blue color. I had a bunch of beds that I planted when we bought this house 20 yrs ago but I lost almost all to a white fly swarm one year. Only the ones in the back were spared.

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