Air Force SF Memorial March

Mike S.

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Mar 14, 2011
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Bossier City, La
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The U.S. Air Force Security Forces (Police) are in the process of Ruck Marching from San Antonio, TX to ground zero in New York City. They are doing this as a way to honor the fallen and injured Security Forces members, as well as all who have sacrificed in Iraq and Afganastan. My group completed our 148 miles yesterday in Livingston, TX. It was an honor to put boots to ground and chew up some miles. Here is a photo of a member of our group on day 3. The journey is being updated via the facebook page daily, search facebook for Security Forces 9/11 Ruck to Remember.

I know this isn't the best shot, but I am very proud of those who are taking part in this and wanted to get the word out.

Mato 2 by kc9cqr1, on Flickr

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