ALMOST spring c/c drill


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Jan 28, 2009
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1. Yeah, the sky really was this color, it was just after sunset facing the ESE.

2. Fairly happy with no tri/monopod along


Would any of these be better with a single image HDR (never tried). Although the sky isn't really blown in the first, I'd like to get more color there.
Thanks guys!

Would a single RAW HDR work in the first to pull more color there, or would it look too cartoony?
Im with them those are great..........
Love the pics Sodak. Thanks for inviting me to this place!
The first is really nice ... and if you have that one RAW file and can save differently "exposed" (i.e. different exposure values given in RAW-post) TIFF-files of that one RAW file to later be merged ... just try! You can always return a "too cartoonish" outcome to a more pleasing one in the subsequent tone-mapping work, and you might be ending with a photo that clearly represents the elation and happiness that you felt when you saw such pink/orange sky, the thawing waterfalls and this mill! And maybe a merged-from-three-then-tonemapped photo expresses even MORE how you felt and WHAT you meant to capture than this single exposure can. So ... go ahead :D . I would at least try. What is lost in trying?
i like your pics. In response to your question I think they may be given a little boost if tried in HDR, especially with the first and second. They have the potential because of the heavy highlights in the sky and snow, and all of the detail in the rocks and shadows. As it is, I think in order to capture the detail, they are a smidgen darker than what would look natural to me, but that very well may just be the time of day they were shot. At any rate, I think any HDR you would want to do with these would need to be slight, I think with the natural deep reds and browns of the rocks they have a risk of looking highly oversaturdated if done with an extreme version of HDR, but if you kept it simple, I expecially think the first would be a fantastic shot with a little more of everything in detail. I'm not sure if a single image version would work or not...but you can certainly try...
They look a little underexposed and brownish to me. The color cast might be intentional, dunno.

I like the ice and water together. It took me a sec to figure out what was up- I was like ... oh he froze the water with a fast exposure... no, wait... there's clear water movement there... OH I see...

I love shots like that.
What is lost in trying?

Sigh.. time.:lol: Just for giggles I threw it into the Photomatix trial version. Some things I liked about it and some I didn't. I guess I'll have to learn the hard way on working them...when I have more time. :)
They look a little underexposed and brownish to me. The color cast might be intentional, dunno..

Funny you should say that. I thought that too about being underexposed, but on the full sized image on my computer it doesn't look so much like that. Should I resize, recompose, and then upload to Photobucket? I think that especially in the foreground the rocks seem a lot darker.

As for the color, well, it was sunset and most everything is brown around here. I actually did adjust the color cast. :)
^^^ well both color and brightness are potential monitor correctness issues, and the only way to be assured of accuracy on those is to color correct your monitor with a hardware device like a Spyder.

I understand the color being a touch off because of sunset, but the color looked wrong even for a sunset (to me). I could be wrong, but generally this is one of those things that those of us who have been doing this a while develop a bit of an "eye" for, so I'd be willing to bet money on it. :)

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