american black ducks.

iso 10,000 ?

What type of monitor are you processing on ?

Cheers, Don

it was dark and dreary, they were very far away, heavy crop and high ISO, looks good considering. cant remember if i did any noise reduction on this or not, the raw file did not look as grainy.

i have a AOC i2367FH monitor, seems to work out pretty well. why do you ask? just kind of curious.
Well, the reason I ask is the images could use a little TLC :)

Your monitor is an IPS but is it calibrated ?

In FastStone Image viewer I added some contrast, toned down the highlights, adjusted levels and curves and did some noise reduction.

Black ducks.jpg

You could do much better with the raw file.

Cheers, Don
i do have the color monki screen for my calibration tool. not sure how good it is. whites and greys now look white and grey without any color tint like it had before i calibrated the screen.

the jpeg actually came out looking a good deal different than the raw file for some reason, that happens from time to time, not sure why
Looks like a good shooting location!

its a small wetland area that i recently found, i seem to always seem something when i go to this place.

i decided to try and change up the edit on these black ducks. i really did not spend any time on the last edit.

added some noise reduction, turned the whites down, change the white balance so it was slightly warmer. looks a little better.

Looks like a good shooting location!

Agreed !

Danny, you've been posting some nice shots lately. I'd kill to have a chance at a kingfisher :)

Cheers, Don

if you ever make it out to akron ohio let me know and ill take you to where he is, he is there all the time but he does not always come close enough to get good shots of.
one more of the black ducks lol...


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