An Abstract Morning


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Nov 15, 2011
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Its actually an egg yolk! And thank you!

I know its not the sharpest, I was shooting with my 35mm reverse macro so the DOF was tiny. But I still thought it was kinda cool :D
Reverse macro, as in, turning the lens over? Hmmm...I tried that once, and I had almost no focus point at all. These look great!
Hah yeah, you turn it around and hold it up to the body, and then hold the lever so it stays open, then you get like, an inch away and bob and weave until somethings in focus and shoot like a madman. Its fun :D
playing water games, are we? ;) :hug::
Nooo not this time!

I thought it was under a microscope. I had to photograph some unidentified bugs for my uncle with his microscope and the bugs were less than 2mm wide. I STILL had a tough time getting the whole bug in focus, and the images kind of resembled these. Heh. Beautifully fuzzy. :)

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