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Jun 30, 2007
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This is from a few months back...when I really just got into photography, I'm know a bit more now.
This was just kinda a snapshot, but it's a nice picture for just beginning. Well, to me at least lol.
Not edited, besides resizing.
Like it?
Looks like its in need of some contrast and saturation. Have you tried tweaking it in an editing program yet?
You framed the clouds! Nice, although i would have liked to see the barn a little off to one side, and not in the middle.
Nah, haven't messed around with it yet.
Thanks everyone though.
And yeah, it probably would look better with the barn to the side, but I think a few trees were in the way, lol.
Looks like a great shot, simple and nice to look at.
Thank you :D
I'll have to go back there, I never stop shooting when I'm there.
Photos that is, lol :D

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