Angel Babies


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Sep 18, 2008
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Sweet little angel babies




The last photo has clear signs of camera shake...
The crying child in the last but one looks half frozen ...
The newborn is cute. Why is precisely that one dressed?
The first is the best of the bunch.
The "watermarks" (they are not even attempting to be somewhat transparent) are frightfully distracting...

Do the parents want their children done up as angels? (Sorry, being the mother of a deceased child, an "angel child" always means ... that child is ... no longer with us).
First of all I am so sorry for your loss. :hug::
Most parents beg me to do the angel wings. I have ended up having an angel event due to the overwhelming demand of requests for them.
Looking at these photos again myself I can clearly see they are to soft, not sharp enough and camera shake. Thanks for the input. As far as the newborn being dressed, some parents don't want their children naked even that little as they look at it as being nasty. I don't know why but what can you say?? I don't push them if they are uncomfortable with it.
My cut off limit for naked photos is one year. Past that I personally wont shoot them.

Thanks for the input!!

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