Animal Carnage for Photo/Gallery Competition?


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Mar 14, 2007
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There is a local competition accepting entries and I'm trying to select photos to submit. The winner will receive a free gallery showing so I need to select several submissions. Since I like to cover a wide range of subjects, I was wanting to submit the following as filler for my wildlife coverage. I was wondering if the animal remains could possibly pose a negative view for all of my lineup? I could probably photoshop it out, but I like it as part of nature. This will be my first competition, so I'm not familiar with what judges may feel is acceptable.

Red-tailed? Nice shot.

If you like it go with it. If for some reason you don't win, it wasn't because you entered photos you didn't like as much as some you didn't enter- If that makes any sense at all.
I'd say go with it as well. IMO it gives a more 'real' sense to it - i.e., it wasn't taken at a bird show somewhere. Not that there's anything wrong with that - you can get some amazing photos at those events too (some of doenoe's photos come to mind). But you get my meaning.
Birds of Prey.

That pretty much sums up the story behind the image.

Nice capture
Go for it, it's a captivating shot that shows predatory behavior really well. Reminds me of a 'lion at the kill' sort of feel if you know what I mean :) [which is cool for a zoology junkie].
Thanks everyone! I'll leave it as is then. The 'at the kill' is why I like it also, I just didn't know how others would react so this has been some great input.

Alright, well I have about 3.5 weeks until I find out anything.

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