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Oct 2, 2005
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Today was a fun day just standing outside watching the birds.. This one bird just came, took the food to a tree, ate and came back.. He looked around for me as he grabbed his food..

here is my catch for today

How lovely. I think I'll have to put up a bird feeder and a place for myself where to sit, close-by, and just wait, then wait for some nice weather (today would NOT be the perfect day!) and see if not for ONCE in my life I get to photograph a bird from close-up!?!? The background gets a bit blown-out with the sun you apparently had (now THAT would NOT happen here today! ;)), but you get some nice detail on the bird. He has two light spots in his eyes: what light source did you use here?
The only light I had was the sun.. I am thinking those light spots are from other bird feeders hanging with the light shinning through... NOt sure where else they had come from...

And thanks
Well its better than the Birds I get in my garden, all I ever get is the odd sparrow and a blue tit if i'm very lucky

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