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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Uselessdreamer1, Nov 10, 2004.

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    today i found the camera i want, but im not sure on how good it is. Ihave been wanting the Canon eos rebel 2000, but this camera was the Canon eos rebel. I dont know anything about the standard. so could you help me? The prive he wanted was 160. Camera came with flash also. THANKS!!!

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    I love my Rebel. It's about 6 years old I'm guessing and still works great.

    I don't know...what shape was it in? What kind of flash is it? Did it come with a lens too? caps? etc... If you're not sure take a roll of film in and take a few shots and get it developed (make sure to take some batteries too) just to see how it works. Talk him down if ya can get a new Rebel for almost this much.

    ALSO what does your gut tell you? If the belly says no...mind the belly. You did say you wanted the 2000 not this one...maybe you should look around some more and not settle for this one. Good Luck.
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    The rebel and Rebel S are good camera, but they did have issues with the shutter cushion wearing out, getting hard and leaking grease onto the shutter curtain. This problem can pop up at any time, especally now that the cam is an older one. I would look into a newer rebel setup, i.e. rebel 2000 or k2. both can be had on ebay pretty cheap and are better cams. Plus most pawn shops charge more then they should. Look on ebay for the best prices, also has really good prices on used equipment, and they are all tested before being sold.

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