Another Maternity Shoot c/c needed


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I would love some cc on these before I show them to her.

Thanks so much!



3. (crop of 2)
They look great, but a little grainy... probably from compression?

Not real fond of the cut off elbow in the last one. Wishin it was a real smile in the first one, but overall I think these are really good!
Yeah, the elbow kind of bothers me a little too. But I like the tighter crop.
I dont like how your looking down on her in all 3. I think she'll be happy as far as quality and all but maybe a side shot from her level or something, stressing on the belly.
She is really self conscious about her non existent double chin...

She told me like 5 bazillion times she doesn't want her double chin to show! lol
#1 - Vertigo

#2 - I really like the lines and curves you captured. Damn shame somebody didn't think to powerwash the railings.

#3 - Not so much. The crop isn't too pleasing.

The main issue I see with #2 & #3 are you have neither a 2/3 face nor a profile. Both eyes are in view but the nose breaks the opposite cheek line. Either have her slightly turn her chin towards the camera or further away to get a profile.
This is in a public area.... so yea, the city probably doesnt power wash it too often!
Ooh. I like that one.

I wish it was more... pastel? Not such bold colors?

Very nice.
Yes, I like that. :)

Btw, it pains me to look at maternity pics. I have total mixed feelings about being pregnant. My first pregnancy I told my mom that if I could stay pregnant forever I would. I glowed. My second pregnancy. I couldn't bend over and get clothes out of the washer, I was sick and tired all the time and I burned my stomach on the stove three times!

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