Another meaningless (but sometimes fun) poll!

Which do you shoot more of?

  • Color 35mm slides

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  • B&W 35mm prints

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As a former wedding photographer, I have shot print film most of my photography life. I do shoot slide film on trips and vacations. I do not have a film scanner and cannot justify buying one at this stage in my life(will be 70 next month), but with digital technology as it is today, I can have negs or slides scanned to a photo CD and reuse the CD up to 108 images. In my day, what you shot, is what you got. You couldn't bring it all back to the computer and "fix" it. I guess in reality, much of this digital stuff has passed me by. I still like to take pictures whenever I can, but a lot of it is family stuff. I have enough subjects having 12 grandkids and three great grandkids. I just like to watch them grow and stop a fleeting moment once in a while.
I voted something else :)

I shoot slides/prints/digital and now medium format. I need a view camera now

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