Another new release by Nikon.


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Aug 6, 2010
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Sorry guys not another what camera should I get thread nor a nikon is better then canon thread. Sorry!

I was just cruisin and browsing the web and I stumbled upon a new Nikon SB-700. I know right, I mean they decide to discontinue the SB-800 yet they release the "new"? SB-700. I don't know if this has been out there a long time or if the hype isn't as high as the "D7000" or whatever everybody is freaking out about. All I know is that it's new to me. I was very interested in this since it's only $100.00 CDN more then the SB-600 which is significantly cheaper then the SB-900.
The specs on this guy aren't much different then the SB-900, I would really like to see what other nikon users think of this "new" release and if they think it's worth it.

Nikon Canada
the guide number is less than the SB-600, (barely) but it has commander mode...
On paper, it doesn't really seem super great. It's not as powerful as the 600, has the lousy dot-matrix interface, the only thing that's better is the commander mode and the head can zoom in a little more.

other than that, get an sb 600

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