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Jun 16, 2015
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Ant Myrimica species TQ 40104 68783
The real size is 4.61 mm, magnification is 2.52
IMG_3336_Ant.v2jpg by davholla2002, on Flickr

I think Common Froghopper, Philaenus spumarius, TQ 40100 68716 from Hypericum. The real size is 6.11 mm, magnification is 1.96
IMG_3384_Frog_Hopperv2 by davholla2002, on Flickr

Pseudoscorpion TQ 40100 68716. The real size is 1.39 mm, magnification is 2.8 Chthonius ischnocheles

IMG_3324_Pseudoscorpionv2 by davholla2002, on Flickr

Harvestman, the real size is 0.98 mm, magnification is 3.78 TQ 40100 68716
IMG_3326_Harvestmanv2 by davholla2002, on Flickr
Nice set but the first two stand out for me. It's another world.
Agree with John, the first two are the standouts. I especially like the chartreuse in #2. Nice set!

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