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Mar 21, 2009
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I like this shot especially the lighting. It would have been nice if she had one leg extended and her eyes looking at the camera.
nice skin work and colors but I'm not feeling the pose. The shadow on the face takes away from it.
I like the setting and look, just the shadow on her face as stated before and that pose seems a little awkward.
Thank you all. Here is another one of her showcasing her legs.

Have to say I REALLY like the first one better. though I think if she was looking directly at the camera for a little added drama to the picture would really have added to it. ( and the aforementioned Shadow on her face.)
I really like the concept of the first shot. I don't mind the shadow on the face, I think it helps give depth to the photo. The upper portion of the pose it great and gives a terrific feeling of escape or imprisonment depending on how you want to view it......

The legs though need a little help on this pose I think. It looks like she has pretty slim legs but in this shot they are squished together making them not very flattering to her. I don't know how to correct it exactly but I think it would be great if they looked slimmer.

Beautiful model by the way!

The model is nicely exposed even with the hot spot of the background light. That light steals attention though, imo. If the shot were framed so that she is looking toward the light, that could work. For me the shadow is not a problem, but the expression on her face doesn't seem to suit the scene.
The first shot is nice... It has a "trapped" feel to it... The only problem I have with it is that it seems like she has a way out to the right of the image. Something framing her in would confine her to her tight little area.

The second I love... Not so confined feeling and she's showing those great legs.

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