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any one wanna play around with this (edit)


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Jun 16, 2010
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er111a i know your down
imo, should have stood futher back or used wider angle, tilted the camera down on the right hand side so that the wheels ran parallel to the base of the photo as the foreground is uninteresting. also think the front of car would be better. just my opinion
you do make some good paints there now that i look at it
no, tbh, its exposed ok its just that what might have been quite a dynamic shot, especially if there were a few clouds about turned out quite ordinary, also think it would be better in monochrome
In all honesty, tho, you cut off the bumper. I agree that it would have been better with the truck's hood facing the camera. I also think a lower stance with the camera would have accentuated the trucks aggressiveness and size against that of the factory.

It's a truck. You want it to feel big. So lowering the camera makes the truck look bigger and the factory look smaller.
lcars i getw hat your saying thanks

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