Anyone been to Belize? Southern Belize needs your help!


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Aug 18, 2011
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[h=2]Found this on one of the SCUBA boards I hang out on. Having been in South Belize last year, I know how beautiful and yet, fragile this area is. If you can take the time to send some quick emails to the members of the list below, it would be appreciated!

Here is what I sent, to give you some ideas:


Honorable ************

Please reject the cruise ship proposal. It will be devastating to the coral, the sea life, and the environment. Divers who love Belize, such as myself and countless others, who are drawn to the abundance of life and vibrant colors of the corals, will have no reason to visit Belize. This matter is getting international attention and concern, and we will hope that you will reject anything to do with the cruise ship proposal or dredging. I love the area around Placencia, and hope that is stays beautiful forever!

Please do not allow this to happen to Belize!



Southern Belize Needs Your Help![/h]

The people of Belize, especially southern Belize, just learned yesterday (Tuesday, 28 May) that next Tuesday, 4 June, the Government of Belize will decide whether to approve a proposal by Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) to bring large (mega) cruise ships to southern Belize – with their port at Crawl Caye in the Southwater Marine Reserve, part of the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site, and about 8 miles off the Placencia coast. NCL says it plans to dredge Crawl Caye to increase its size by 20 acres – and Crawl is surrounded by coral. (For more information see cruise-threat )

We need to let the Government of Belize know what this will do for tourism in southern Belize – not just Placencia, but the entire south, including our cayes and reef.

Therefore, if you have the time, we would very much appreciate it if you could send emails to the following government officials and media letting them know what effect their approval of this proposal would have had on your decision to vacation in southern Belize. (This list is also available at cruise-threat ) And, if you have any friends who have been to southern Belize, please pass them on to them as well.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and assistance.

· [FONT=&amp]Honorable Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize[/FONT][FONT=&amp]: [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Honorable Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism[/FONT][FONT=&amp], [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Honorable Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forests, Fisheries and Sustainable Development,[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected] [/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Channel 5:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Channel 7:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]KREM Radio:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Plus TV:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]PGTV:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Love FM:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Wave Radio:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Amandala Newspaper:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]Reporter Newspaper:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected] and [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]San Pedro Sun:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

· [FONT=&amp]San Pedro Daily:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] [email protected][/FONT]

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