Archiving from Aperture. What is your workflow?


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Sep 25, 2006
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I am using Aperture and have gotten to the point where I have some pics that I no longer want on the program. It is mainly wedding shoots or portrait shoots that the clients have bought about as much as they are going to and now I just need to archive the files for later use.

That said, my question is what method of archiving do you guys use? I know that this question should bring out very different methods and I want it to. Currently I have all archived files in both JPEG and Raw, backed up on two separate HD and I also burn them to DVD.

I was wondering if anyone else uses this method or if there is a more efficient way to do it. I am aware of the rules of thumb with "Not if, but WHEN a HD will fail" and the one about DVDs not lasting more than 25 years tops ( I recopy my DVDs every other year)

Any thoughts would be very helpful to me to setting up an archiving method.
25 years? That would apply to pre-pressed DVDs. I'd be worried about my burnt disks surviving 5.

Anyway I use Lightroom, but I don't use the inbuilt sorting and database stuff. I prefer good old fashioned folders. When I am done processing my photos I batch export them as max quality JPEG into their respective folders, and delete the original NEF files and their entries in lightroom.

From there they get moved to a RAID1 array for redundancy.

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