Artistic or garbage?


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Dec 31, 2009
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well since you're here, could you explain why? to me, it just kinda looks like a blurry shot. maybe with some reasoning i could better understand. the shoe, or whatever it is, is a tad distracting as well.

cute dog nonetheless.
Without your mentioning intent, how is a viewer supposed to determine artistic intent, from technical error.
This just looks like a blurry shot, I agree that theres no way of knowing that was the intention.

Also even if that was the intent, I do not find this artistic at all.

Ah. Well it's a personal thing. A childhood memory - I was trying to recreate an old photo (taken with a crappy disposable) with my dog, champ instead of the old photo which is of our old black lab, Asia. I took the shot for my mom thinking she'd enjoy it and get the memory, but even she didn't remember the shot or understand why it was blurry. haha oh well, my recycling bin needs a little use I suppose :p
that was sweet you trying to fix an old snapshot of a wonderful memory Im sorry it didnt work dont give up maybe you could fix it(I didnt see what you posted)

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