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At the park... Lookie at this little dude!


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Apr 22, 2008
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California, USA
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That's a very nice picture. I wonder if there is a way to tone down some of the red in the limb closest to the camera. It draws my attention away from the squirrel.
That's totally one of those "caption this photo" shots. I'd vote for...

"Hm, if he stands there staring at me long enough, he won't notice that 14 of my brothers are about to hamstring him and steal that camera." :)

Nice shot. Looks like it could use a little sharpening. My guess is he moved his head a bit. Those little suckers move around too much.
Prodigy, that's a great capture, and I really like the setting ;)
hehe Nice I like it :)
If you want to reduce the reds in the tree use a selection brush and select that area of the photo then edit the Hues and saturation for that area. In the saturation menu you should have an option where it says master and then a dropdown where you have more colour options - just select red and then desaturate it (making sure not to take it too far that it looks strange)

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