Autumn breeze in the Glens

Tim Tucker

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Mar 23, 2015
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The grass lengthens, the leaves turn and the breeze, though still maintaining a little warmth, begins to steady. The grass sways, leaves rustle and fall. The trees shrug their branches and begin to bend to the coming season. It's all part of late autumn and the landscape, you can hear the change it brings and you notice the differing fragrance.

But with a photograph there can be a tendency to concentrate on the still, static and sharp, the breeze goes, the scenery remains.

That autumn breeze in the long grass is something I've been trying to capture for decades and this is my latest attempt. I don't think landscapes need to be pin sharp all the time, sometimes they can be soft as well.

A colour version doesn't work in landscape orientation, I think it is the amount of blue light from the sky and slight haze, it seems to give an odd and slightly harsh colour balance to middle and distant objects and occupies too much of the frame. This one remains resolutely B&W. :D
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Very nice!
Very nice. Those clouds in the upper left that look like they're moving echo the grass and really add something extra to this.

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