B&W Challenge: Editing Special DRAMATIZE

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Jun 13, 2015
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The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes. Every digital photographer and film photographer can participate in this weekly challenge with as many photos as desired. Feel free to enter the world of black & white photography!

Editing Special 2: DRAMATIZE

First convert an old or new photo to black & white. It might be useful to start with an image of a landscape with a beautiful cloudy sky or an image with modern office buildings with lots of glass windows. What can you do to dramatize a photo? Think of adding noise/grain, darkening skies and clouds or perhaps adding a cloudy sky or lightning, bleaching out highlights or creating extremely dark areas in a photo, perhaps use gradient or other effect filters. Let your imagination run wild, try to apply elements from previous B&W challenges, such as double exposure or converting images as b&w negatives. Please, show both the original and edited photo, so everyone can see the changes made and enjoy the final result.

Have fun!
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Never done a competition before but here goes......


James Bond Island bear Phuket.

A few minutes with Luminar added a new sky / enhanced the greenery / picked out a few highlights. Work in progress:

And a final BW conversion:
About 2 weeks ago spent a morning taking some pix of a friend's lovingly restored '64 Mustang. Most were colour digital shots. Here's one from a G.B. Kershaw 420 on HP5. First one off the scanner, second after a trip through NIK Analog Efex.


GBK-3-007e copys.jpg

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