B&W Challenge: Editing Special MIRRORED

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Jun 13, 2015
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The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes. Every digital photographer and film photographer can participate in this weekly challenge with as many photos as desired. Feel free to enter the world of black & white photography!

Editing Special 3: MIRRORED

First convert an old or new photo to black & white.
You can mirror an image or part of an image in various ways and thereby achieve fascinating, often alienating and abstract effects. Mirroring certain parts in an image for technical or aesthetic reasons is also possible, but for this challenge let's focus on the creative applications in mirroring an image. Don't forget that in addition to mirroring horizontally and vertically, you can also mirror an image diagonally or twice, three times, four times, and also don't forget a kaleidoscope effect is in fact mirroring an image. I guess, plenty of options.

Have fun!
A shot from this weekend, croppoed, mirrored and converted to black and white.


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