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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Thought it was a good game to convert to b&w. Here's a sample of the ones I did.

1) Gotta go.


2) Looking for a hole to run through.


3) Taking the field.


4) Just thought this candid was a good addition.


5) Making a hard right.

My favorite is #2, totally captures the moment and the feeling.
#1 is a bit offputting because the the defensive man's feet are in such an odd position that they take attention from the runner.
#3,4,5 are not nearly at the level of #2. Ok to set the scene but more filler than star.
Thanks Lew. I appreciate the comments. I would agree I like #2 the best. That is one of the shots that I have in color and b&w.
Thanks Lee-Ann. It is a heck of a lot easier to shoot from the sideline than the stands. ;) I have just been fortunate enough to have access to two local high-schools.
IMO, what is missing in #5 is the opponent. It could easily be a setup shot. There is no tension between us and them.
#2 gets so many feelings, the lineman tussling with each other, the runner staring intently, trying to find a space. It has it all.

It does have a bit of defect, that haloing from sharpening.
(at the arrows).
But that can be avoided. Just sharpen the face and let everything else go, if there is any blur that adds to the emotion.

Really terrific shot.

I like #4 your candid shot. If you can next time maybe get an angle where you can see the ball and the centers hand on it. I think that would be cool. :)

I also like #1, wondering if you can hone in on the hand around the ankle action.
Thanks Jaca. I can certainly try to get a shot with the center's hands and ball. Good idea.

I don't know about cropping #1 that tight, it may be more than the 7d mk ii can handle, lol. I may have to see about it tonight though.
Looks like your skills are getting better with more practice and more "reps". I think the color version of the photo is much better, has more impact, than the B&W version.
Thanks Derrel. I have to admit after shooting week 1 with a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, it was hard to go back to my 70-200mm f/4L, but I made it work.

(Now I'm trying to determine how many toes I can sell and still be able to shoot football. Then go get the 2.8 II)
@The_Traveler, I went back in and masked out the halo around the running back. (There is still a few spots that are bright but it's not from sharpening.) Thanks for the catching that one.

I like them all, #5 the most.

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