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Feb 10, 2012
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hampshire, UK
these are 2 diff photo shoots, I use a Sony a390 and am not a pro. this is my sec and 3rd ever baby shoot.<br><br>3rd ever photo shoot

1/30s FL 50.0, F/1.8 ,ISO100
DSC00669 by HazardImages, on Flickr[/URL]

1/20s FL 50.0, F/1.8, ISO 100
DSC00676-2 by HazardImages, on Flickr

2nd ever photo shoot
Lens 18-55MM
1/25s, FL 20.0, f/4.5, ISO 400
DSC00185_picnik by HazardImages, on Flickr

1/40s FL22.0, F/4.5, ISO 320
DSC00092 by HazardImages, on Flickr[/URL]
DSC00198_picnik by HazardImages, on Flickr
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Yea post them thru another site like photo bucket or flickr.... and paste the BBcode on here and wala! your photo is on your thread....You will also want to number them too to make them easier for folks to CC them.

From the few that I just glanced thru your focus is ooooooooooooooooff. you really really really really did I mention really increase your shutter speed.
Just by looking at your settings I can tell you that you are going to have issues with focus and sharpness.
Place the image location link between the tags
for them to show up here.
Lose the watermark. Its way too distracting. The last one is def much more in focus and the eyes are well in focus. The better of the whole lot
iv only had the lens about a week now and that shoot was the 1st one i donewith the lens. im finding it hard right now to get the focus right
Well as far as photographing kids you will NOT get a focused shot at 1/20 or anything around there. Up your shutter speed and your iso to keep the triangle even.
Nah I'm def the wrong person to ask on that one.... Others who know much more about more cameras might be able to chime in on that one for ya. I would still imagine you have a little bit of wiggle room to go higher then 100. Even 200 or 400 would allow you to bump your shutter speed.

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