Bad Air Quality = Colorful Sunsets

Tony S

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May 23, 2011
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Eatonville, Washington
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We are in the middle of some really nice sunny, warm days for February around here in Washington State. But with our nice weather this time of year also comes lousy air quality with health concerns for folks with respiratory issues. This means no burning, not even in fireplaces, which right now is tough for some folks since we are still cleaning up from a pretty bad ice storm a few weeks ago.

Tonight Mt Rainier was putting on a pretty good light show (just happened to be during halftime of the Super Bowl and was a better show than on TV).

I have to check the info on TPE, but the moon should be a lot closer to the mountain tomorrow evening at sunset which is supposed to be clear like it was tonight, but in case I don't get out for that I did squeeze this one in.
What?? You didn't like Madonna???? lol
^ I agree about the softer focus on #2, but wanted to say that I really like that shot regardless - the mountain looks tiny in the scale of things, it's a different perspective than the usual.

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