Bah Humbug!!!


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Feb 10, 2006
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Happy Christmas type things all round

BWAhahahahaaaaaa! Love it! (Although that looks like a shaving cream beard rather than a real one)

A very Merry Christmas to you, Andy, and your legions of otters too!!!
Some of those otters clearly need to be shown a thing or two about wearing a hat - have a word with them would you Andy
Merry Christmas to you and your army! :)
Looking past the aliasing and levels to see the humor! What can I say I'm a compositing freak.

Bugger. It's raining so I can't spend all day outside doing the car. Quick, come up with some suggestions to get me out of the "festivities".
Go sit in a bus shelter and tell people that you're waiting for the next bus - should keep you occupied for a day or two
I did that once. The cold made the Willie I was holding start sneezing. Ethel Skinner wasn't happy.

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