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    First I'll critique myself, I was aiming for the lettering on the end of this Rokinon 80-200mm and this was the best one, no matter what I set it to this is the best I get, maybe I need a better lens, it's the 18-55mm Canon EF, they're like 100 dollars. I suppose I could fix some of that in PS.


    Same here, but with the Vivitar and the Nikkormat. This came out just a tad better but still looks soft to me.


    These were actually shot with my Canon Powershot A640, not too bad for a PaS. Just wanted to get all my SLR's in one shot.

    This particular one I want to shoot again with a different angle somewhere else, the theme has potential with maybe a different camera or different focal lengths, etc. Maybe I'll grab my friend's 50D next time I'm in O-town.


    Not going for anything here but a good caption...

    "Evolution.....maybe Darwin was right."


    By the way, both of those film cameras saw action, the Nikkormat has 800 speed Kodak color film in it, the FG has 400 speed Kodak BW400CN black and white, and I think I have finally resolved the Vivitar's ridiculous shutter speed issue, I was able to fire a few off on it with reasonable shutter speeds and f-stops.


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