Beatrice the posing cat

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by RickyN29, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Ha, took this one a month ago, just thought I would share.

    I was trying to push my Point N Shoot to the max, using a remote flash setup and such (side lighting).

    I was pretty happy with the results. Kinda wish I took the pic in color though!

    I wish I could figure out what that reflection in her eyes is.

    Oh, its my Sis' cat, she hates me, this was the only pic I could get, the other 112 were of her running away.


    An interesting note, maybe helpful for those of you with a Canon S2, I was holding the slave flash unit to her left, and she kept looking at me instead of the camera (which was about 10 feet in the other direction!). On the S2, you can upload any sound effect you want and it will play it right before the shutter opens. I uploaded a dog barking. Set the timer, went over with the flash, she stared at me, but the moment the dog started barking, she stared straight at the camera and bamo, picture captured!

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    Awwww! Just look at those pretty eyes!
    Great capture :thumbup:!

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