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Mar 1, 2007
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pittsburgh PA
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Well, dont be a stranger Cheryl. ;)

Cute pic of this little guy, but he could use a little more light on those big peering eyes.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you will post more often. :)

Hey that's a cute kid ;) lol.
There isnt a lot of detail in his eyes which are a big part of this picture it seems. I did an edit - hope you don't mind.

Thanks for the tip, I don't get as much time for shooting as I would like. Looking forward to winter for new shots. Where's the snow?
I see what you mean about bringing the eyes out more, but do you think they now look unatural? Thanks for the edit, love to learn.
watch that middle gray
I think the pic would be great somewhere right between the original and the edit posted by one of the other people on this forum. I think, in the edit, the kid looks good but the right side of the pic looks a tad blown out and it's a little distracting to me.

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