Beseler 67 SD Alignment?


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Nov 25, 2020
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I got a Beseler 67 SD (Dichro) in a local package deal where I was interested in other parts of the package. This is an enlarger that looks like a mini 23 C II, not something with a single column like an Omega. I have seen both types of chassis when looking up this enlarger. The enlarger head has a swivel for wall projection function, lockable by a lever. What I see is that the head locks a bit tilted to one side, ie, not pointing perpendicular to the baseboard. The head locks in a downward projection mode with a detent and locking lever. So far, I see no way to adjust it so that when it hits the detent, it is pretty close to aligned. Anyone familiar with this enlarger and how this might be aligned. I have the manual, but so far, the adjustments shown in there do not seem to talk about this, just other points.

Thanks for any help,


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