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Nov 18, 2005
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Hi guys, just playing with the forum rules a little to see if this works. the pic is 600x800 per half, so it is two images, so keeps within the forum rules? It was jsut to see if there is a way of posting something that just does not work well at 800 pixels along its longest side. I would imagne that it would be very usefull for landscapes and not just things made up of small details?



2x600x800 pics, even if it is good for loading it still doesnt help with presentation on an average moniter i am afraid.

Way to bend the rules.. ;) A large image is only a big deal to me if I have to scroll sideways.

The photo is really nice though - did you do any post processing?
Sorry when looking at this again it looks like even at this size it is still impossible to see the scales properly.

Thanks Robstar, glad you like it :).

JDS, Me too, I think if there is something to see in the image even if you cant see the whole thing then it is ok to do a bit of up down scrolling etc, but if the important bit is the composition then it can be really irritating.

Trenton, it is an a700 (seems to make the background more grainy than my last KM 5D) with a sigma 105 EX at 1/60 second f16 with a Centon ring flash on full power.

Thanks guys


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