Bird of prey from Colombia

It is a roadside hawk.
Cool! I always enjoy seeing birds from other parts of the world.
It is a roadside hawk.

Yes Roadside Hawk is it's English name. It and the Yellow-headed Caracara are the most commonly seen hawks in Colombia. What other birds did you shoot in Colombia and whereabouts?
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This and the Hoatzin were both from Casanare a place called Hato La Aurora about 3-6 hours by road, depending on the journey from Yopal (the nearest city).
This year I photographed lots of Hummingbirds, Cacique, birds of prey and many that I have not identified.

I photographed in Casanare, Santuario de Otun, Finca Alejandria, Parque de las Garzas Cali and CVC Buga.
The albums are here in case you are interested.
The best place was Casanare by far - shame the journey is so awful
Parque de las Garzas Cali Birds
Birds from Santuario de Otun August 2015
CVC Buga birds
Others birds Finca Alejandria
Birds from Hato La Aurora
Humming birds Finca Alejandria Colombia 2015
Nice shot.

I think it would be even better if there was more space in the direction he is looking and less on the other side
Nice shot.

I think it would be even better if there was more space in the direction he is looking and less on the other side
Good point I will remember that next time
Davholla thank you for posting those Flicker links. I am envious of your trip to Hato La Aurora as that's a neck of the woods I haven't explored. Looks like you photographed a lot of great birds there. The Finca Alejandria is actually just down the road from my house. Can't help with the Llanos birds but I can add some names in the comments sections of Flicker. The CVC Buga place you mention is probably the Laguna de Sonso reserve, one of my favorite local birding places.
The CVC is this place Parque Natural Regional El Vínculo - Buga (I am not sure why it is called the CVC). I have been to Laguna de Sonso before but it was bit tricky as we were told we needed a guide.

I would recommend going to Casanare when you have the time and money (it is not cheap).
Go here as well Aventur Eco Tours Adventure Tours Yopal Colombia
If I lived in Colombia I would plan 4 days at Hato la Aurora and 4 days in aventureecotours plus time to recover.

I really liked Finca Alejandria but I am worried my Colombian relatives will refuse to go because we saw two scorpions last time, which I really liked
Poisonous scorpion from Colombia | Photography Forum but they are scared of them.

If you can add any names (English,Spanish or Latin) I would be very grateful as some of them I have no idea like this one.
IMG_9368bird by davholla2002, on Flickr
Thank you for those tips. Will definitely check them out. I think the above is Colombian Chachalaca. CVC stands for Corporación Autónoma Regional del Valle del Cauca. It is a powerful government entity that oversees environmental matters.

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