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Jun 30, 2010
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Trying to start up a lifestyle photog business (right now mostly maternity and family), and I am playing around with a blog I made on wordpress. But I can't seem to figure out how to get larger sized images on the blog page, rather than thumbnails. When you click on the thumbnail, the image is larger than the screen, so you can't even see the entire image at once. Maybe I just need to scale down the images? But I did want them to be the same size as we see on this forum, right in my blog, no clicking needed. Also, I did want a blog page that allowed me to put a tab for my facebook fan page and website links (which I don't have the website yet), and a "contact us" tab right at the top of the page. Any help is appreciated. I am open to trying blog sites other than
Thanks! :hug::
What blog? I didn't see a blog... :greenpbl: You should probably post up a link so we can take a look and see what you're doing.

Using their servers limits your options. You should pay the few bucks and get your own domain. You'll need one anyway to be taken seriously.
I work on another site -

The photos are done in galleries using the NextGen plugin, works very well for us. Thumbnails show on the posts, clicking an individual photo brings up a different size and allows you to scroll through all the photos in the gallery. Settings in the plugin allow you to change sizes, placement, etc.
consider getting your own hosting most plans now come with built in plugins for things such as blogs, that you have full control over where as wordpress and blogger etc... you pretty much deal with what they give you. Do some comparison shopping you can probably find a decent host offering these things for 15 bucks a month or so and many will be happy to set your blog up for you at no extra cost. Better if you plan on having business stuff on than a 3rd party service IMO :thumbup:
Thanks for the help, I'll check out some hosting sites!

I'm sorry, I just didn't get the cxmagazine site... only for cycling, or whatever it was (my life is crazy right now, sorry if I got that wrong). Didn't look like I could put maternity photos up there :)

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