Blue Jay


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Jan 23, 2009
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shot with kit lens at 55mm
Where are you from, because that is certainly not the American [Common] Blue Jay

I think it is. You just cant see the crest or the back and wings which is where most of the blue is. Nice shot btw.
I agree with TLI i dont think this is a blue jay, he is lacking the dark black collar and the white around the eyes and cheek. Here this bird shows a black eye ring and cheek patch with a white eye stripe. the black and especially the white eye strip make it look more like a western scrub jay.
Location location location, Juvenile Western Scrub-Jay. Likely the interior sub-species
what tips you off that make him a juvi?
time of year, given location and lack of the striping/spotting on the chest as well as other dark marks

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