Bridge for C&C suggestions?


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Oct 11, 2008
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Fulton, Missouri
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Now I know there is nothing great about this photo, but it is a badass bridge. What I would like is suggestions for different shots. Its a pretty good hike to get here, and I'm going to go back this spring when things green up a bit. Thanks.

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i love the color in the sky... the bottom of the picture could use a little more pop though (colorwise) maybe using the burn tool in photoshot just to make it a little darker... the bridge color looks pretty good to me
Great structure..

Try to get there earlier in the day were the sun is on the sides to bring out the detail more..

Should look good when things green up......
First step would be not telling people your picture sucks. Seriously.

The photo actually is pretty good. You have a lot of the right elements. Something leading the eye, nice textures and colors, good angle.

Overall this strikes me as "you saw a good shot and you took it", now you just need to shoot about 15-20 at the same location, trying different angles and exposures, making slight adjustments... and then pick your favorite one.

A bit more detail on the bridge would be good. It's a bit dark.
I hate to get political, but what this photo says to me is that we better get our act together and start rebuilding things.

As far as the photography goes, I kinda like it comp and exposure wise. Maybe if you can return in early fall when the leaves are turning for added color, that is if the bridge is still standing.
Hey Micah, is that local? I would love to give it a shot. Looks very interesting.

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