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Danny Delgado

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Aug 8, 2010
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I took this photo in Boston back in 2005 with my old Fujifilm E 550. I recently edited it and converted to black and white. Just wanted to get some feedback on it...

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The architecture of that building is quite intriguing! At first I thought this had been taken in England... but no. Boston.

I think the conversion went quite well. Can't say much about architecture photography as such, as all I can do myself is like buildings and take their photos, but I'm neither equipped with the proper equipment (tilt shift lenses and all that jazz), nor does my old PS version allow to straighten lens distortion etc. So others who have the knowledge must speak up here.
Thanks! That was kind of the feeling I was going for.
I like the shot a lotttt. Would have liked it a smidge more (yes a smidge) had the very tip top of it not been cut off. otherwise, fantastic.
Thank you very much TMWallace! You're right it, it would have been a bit better had the top not been cut off...I checked out some of your work on your site, very nice! Please check my blog out if you'd like to see more of my work. I appreciate your feedback.

Light and Reflections
Interesting building with the brick below and all the columns and arches above. Nice conversion on the building.
Thanks KmH! Definitely an interesting building...
Wow...where did you find this building? It's like someone tore out a hunk of Baroque marble from Prague and deposited it in the slightly decaying business district of an American city. Marvelous building...I want to live on the top floor and fill it with dusty tomes and overstuffed chairs.

I'm surprised that the texture of the stone and details of the carvings come through in that light. I would love to see this building with some shadows to take away from the massive whiteness of it. Or at night even.
That is definately a nice building and great photograph.
The building is located in downtown Boston. I'm glad you liked it!

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