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Mar 24, 2013
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The second on is my favorite of these three. The bee's positioning, and the nice clean background both make it work the best of the trio in my opinion.
Thanks Derrel
Nicely done. I too think the second is the better even with the missing left wing.
Thanks Kundalini. Yes the left wing was down to his side and he refused to lift it for me.;)
Maybe it's just me, since no one else has mentioned it, but do these look fuzzy to anyone else? Not sure if it's a focus or compression issue, or what, but these just don't appear very 'crisp' to me.

May I ask what your settings were on these ?
They are sharp on my macbook.Tack sharp or Macro sharp No but its not a macro lens or tack like primes and they are heavily cropped.They where shot in raw 1/250 F8 @ ISO 220 - 320 - 500 at 300mm its in the Exif info if you look.
Thanks for posting the settings. I did not follow your link, just saw the images here, which is why I asked for the settings.

Like I said, maybe it's just compression I am seeing on my end. I believe you when you say that they are sharp.

I think they are nice images, and I commend you for getting anywhere near them. I would never get near enough to get these shots, usually I m the one running the other way.

#2 is my fave of the bunch, I think it has the best composition of the three and I like that the bee is facing us. I wish I could see the other wing but completely understand it was outside of your control. :)
Nice - #2, then #1 for me.
White face hornets I am out.Bumblebees don't bother me.I had one land on my hand sitting outside and I stayed nice and still and he flew off and no stings.
I would have been completely freaking out !!! Harmless or not, I can't handle it. LOL

Sadly, my reaction is what will likely get me stung one day. But so far, so good. :)

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