Bus 22

Ethan L

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Dec 30, 2007
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any thoughts? please cirque.

A size of 360x270px makes this one hard to view and critique. My first impression from this little pic is that it is quite dark. It might be missing detail in the shadow parts just BECAUSE you are presenting us such a tiny photo only, but at the same time it might be missing all together?

And I am not sure I find the view you chose to photograph all that interesting. Lots of "empty space" covered by the back of that seat on the left, very "condensed" lines of the poles to hold onto, while - had you moved only a tad more to your right - you could have worked with them as a nice element of repetition, feet (?) on the right that aren't attached to anyone, but only reach into your frame ... sorry. All in all this doesn't work for me that much.
I like it, but it is too small to really see and I would turn more to either the left or right so that you see where the shoe is coming from or not include it in the frame at all
in some ways the smallness of the picture adds to the confined space of the bus itself - it would have been nice to see a bigger version of this though. It looks a little blown in the middle...

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