hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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Now I know why I got the macro gear - ps these were darn hard to take with a window to one side of me I could only get the flash (held in my right hand) from a few angles - I also had to hold my camera and lens and shoot with my left hand - its possible - just


And a 100% crop from that shot - with no sharpening or anything!

Those first two shots were taken with a Canon 400D, sigma 70mm macro, a teleconverter (I forget if it was 1.4 or 2* though I think 1.4) and a Raynox DCR 250 macro filter



More DCR playing around but this time no TC (I might also have taken away the DCR but I really can't recall now sadly).
These were taken on a window during the day (mostly overcast day but not too dark) and with the flash I was able to get this effect totally by accident.

Ps - those were hard shots to get even with a short workind distance things were dark in that lens - plus the odd angles and poor holding of the camera (left hand remember) made things really tricky!
Good GOD, that first one is incredible. The fact that you can see its compound eyes without any cropping is stunning. A close-up filter, you say? I never knew that they could give such great results.
Cool pics, interesting that they don't fly off when the flash goes off :)
Many thanks all! :)
As for the flash there are some insects which do register the flash and will fly off as soon as the preflash goes off - giving you a blur in the shot - but I have no direct experience of these particular insects.

As for the filters/len/diopter (they get quite a few different names) the Raynox series of macro ones appear to be an enigma in that they are both highquality and also generaly very affordable - certainly unless you shoot canon and can afford the MPE65mm macro its one of the best ways to get more magnification out of your macro lens after teleconverters (teleconverters are great as they don't affect you minimum focusing distance whilst filters will).
Really nice captures, great work!

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