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    Hi everyone,

    Did my first real estate style shoot the other day and would like some CC. I will be redoing these as they have furniture and are in use now.

    I shoot with a 70D with an 18-135mm on a tripod. I shot all of the photos at 18mm and I believe at f9 with a 200 ISO. These were completed with 7 exposures combined in Lightroom CC using the HDR tool.

    I would like some advice on the settings as they differ from my cheat sheet as I forgot to review it.

    I would also like some advice on my composition and framing. The big empty spaces will have tables and chair and the empty shelves will have food and kitchen utensils, i got in as a clean slate and the paint was still wet.

    One thing that bugs me is my verticals as they are not all straight. from my research, 24mm is a good start with a lens to keep them vertical. With my 18mm its is close to that anyway so I wonder if the height on my tripod was off. Your insight will be a good read.

    Happy to answer questions and thanks in advance.


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