C&C needed! Horses, scenery, misc.


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Apr 19, 2009
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Oshawa, ON, Canada
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Hey! As I said I am new here, I saw some others posting pictures though so I figured I would as well, since I was trying top find where to post them. I also assume everyone saying C&C means comments and critique? or constructive criticism? Well I need all 4 so please do let me know what you think! :D

I am a beginner and use a Canon PowerShot S5 IS





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They are certainly too many for any kind of "C&C", in whichever sense you want it (in general it is "Comments and critique", indeed!), even though there is no limit to your posting pics within one thread. Only is it next to impossible to seriously speak about a particular photo if there are over 10 (it begins to be hard when there are more than 3 or 4, actually), and even more impossible - if this were possible! - when there are no spaces between one photo and the next, and no numbers to go by to say "Photo xx is good because...". See?

But it seems like you know what you're doing when you use your camera, and you certainly enjoy post processing! That much is for sure and I can tell THAT at a glance!
LOL Yes that makes sense, I just went overboard. Thanks!

Ok now there are only 4, evenly spaced and numbered photos to C&C :D
Nice. I really like 7,12,18 and 22
Thanks for slimming it down. I was just going to comment on the first three! :)

1. Like the least. There seems to be some blown areas, you probably would want a faster shutter and/or smaller than the f-4. If your subject is the rider, I would probably want to get in closer on the rider, if it's both, I wouldn't have chopped off the legs and rear of the horse.

2. I like the pp, but the horizon is crooked.

3. Generally not a fan of selective color, but it seems to work here. In the ones you deleted the selection seemed to be splashed on. The only problem I have with this one is the blown highlights on the little white flowers.

4. The best of the 4. Nice sharpness, good exposure in the dark areas. I don't like the frame though. I would have left off the sides and the top. The white strip on the bottom would be fine.

Overall, nice work with the bridge!
Sodak - Thanks very much! I love how you broke it down and I do understand what you mean. I also really like your suggestions. What is the PP though? LOL I told you I'm new.
I like #4.

As for #2, I'm not sure of what you were going for with this one, I'm assuming if you were looking for a 'jumping' shot you would have shot it much earlier. It's not a big jump so won't get any real impact landing I know.
PP stands for post processing.

Oh, and well done in narrowing it down to just four photos now. :D

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