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Feb 15, 2009
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other than being boring that do they look ok
Adjust them a little. Use the rule of thirds to your advantage. The subject itself it smack dab in the middle. The picture them self look great. Sharpness, exposure seems to be spot on. I would say play with them some or go shoot it again at a different perspective.
They say "First-timer with shallow DOF" to me. Could this be the case? Are you newly having a DSLR and a lens that opens up wide? I know the fascination such wide open aperture and fast fading-into-blurriness has on everyone whose experiencing it for the first time. Didn't I do the same when I first had the 50mm f1.8? I did. Believe me. And it was a fence post, too. With the fence leaving into blurriness.

I've meanwhile found out that it seems to be THE subject for the newcomers to this kind of photography. Which ... if you've a) done it yourself, and b) seen it about 500 times ... does become boring in the end.

And yes, the subjects are dead centre, which doesn't make any photo any more interesting, you want a slight dis-balance to it, something to rise a bit of tension for the viewer, and centredness doesn't do that. Unless it is a photo focused on the total symmetry of something, but that is not the case here.

Technically, Chris has pointed out already that the first two seem a tad overexposed (on the background), and I feel that DOF was TOO shallow, those parts of the wire that point closest toward the camera ought to have been in focus, too, at least, and not sticking out of the front area of your focal plane.

The feather is ... well, I don't know: the leaves on which it rests suggest "camera shake" to me, albeit mild and subtle, but still there.
Dead center is deadly. Placing you subject right in the middle of the picture makes it static and boring.

I'm seeing some purple fringing in all 3 shots.

Taken with a Canon PowerShot S5 IS?
It took me a couple minutes of looking at the feather picture, looking away, looking at the feather picture, looking away etc...to realize that it was a feather! I like the first one, but maybe if it was a vertical picture and you used the rule of thirds (which can be so much fun with interesting backgrounds with lots of colors). I hate to agree with everyone and say these shots were boring, but they were and I'm sorry!

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