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Jan 28, 2012
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I Can't quite figure out how to add pics to this post, every time I try it it shows an error for "undefined" picture/...anyway, here is the link to the 4 I added to a gallery here, let me know what you guys think.


You have a picture in the gallery
Right click and choose copy the url
Then open a new message box and click on the picture icon (3 d from the right in the line above the box)
When the new box opens, choose from url, then paste (ctrl V) the url into that box
then UNCHECK the box below next to Retrieve remote file and reference locally and press OK

that will do it.
As far as your photos are concerned; Were you intending to have the baby's feet as the focal point?

If not, the depth of field is too shallow.
Raise your F stop.
I was going for that look of just the face!
Either go into multi-point focus, and move the selector to the face via the thumb pad, switch to manual focus, or raise the aperture.

I'd recommend leaving the aperture where it is, but manually focus on the face instead. (Feet just happened to be nearest to the lens, I'm guessing.)

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