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Dec 4, 2010
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Hi all. New to the forum and requesting some C&C. I know what my family thinks of my photos but would really love outside opinions. Here is one to start with. Thanks!

i feel like it's a bit grey... perhaps a little more white... also i'd say the subject isn't completely clear... what would you title this image?
Not real sure what I would title it. It is an abandoned barn/building on the property next to mine. I did a little bit of editing on it, but not real good at it yet.
What kind of editing did you do to it?
I adjusted the brightness/constrast and played with the curves a little. Looking back at the orignal, my edited one does look more grey.
i ask what you would title it bc that way you know what your subject is... when you're aware of that, then you can play with your composition and see if you can find a way to highlight that subject... to where i as the viewer look at the photo and i say "abandoned barn"... and not "fence"... or "tree"... or "fencepost"...

know what i mean? i know you were prob asking for pp type stuff... but i dunno... i think comp more important...
I like it, it has a sort of Hitchcock feeling to it. I do agree that it is a bit gray. But I think adding more white would take away from the eeriness of it.
syphlix, I was def going for the barn as my main subject but the fence and all the weeds, trees and such, I thought, added to the decaying of the barn. I did see the grey color tone once you mentioned that. And I was looking for C&C for the whole pic--subj, pp and really whatever anybody thought of it. Thanks for looking!!
Thanks, everyone for looking and commenting on my photo. In b&w it def has an eerie feeling to it. But it is nothing more than an eye sore in the adjorning property, that was abandoned several years ago. Luckily, the "barn" is in the back half of our property but I took advantage of it the other day when I was taking pics of my animals. Here is another pic of the barn in color.....not creepy at all. (from a different vantage point)

Thanks again!!!

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