Camera review: canon sx10

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by third_shift|studios, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Camera review: Canon SX10

    I bought a Canon SX10 for $399 only a few weeks ago and it's duration with me was short lived. Review after review touted this camera's amazing capabilities and all-in-one features; that it's one of the best point-n-shoots money can buy. I highly disagree. The amount of functions on the camera is simply overwhelming and I've been shooting for years now. That camera just had a button for everything which made it quite embarassing to review photos infront of clients and constantly mess up b/c my thumb hit one of the congested buttons. But lets get down to the real essance of the camera: photo quality OR LACK THERE-OF! All of my shots came out grainy. All settings were at their best, and even in well lit, outdoor conditions, there was nasty 1996-ish grain all over the place. This camera should be pulled off the market if you ask me.

    I've replaced it with a SONY Alpha 300 and I was extremely satisfied in the first few hours I toyed with it. The only downfall is, I paid $150 more and can't shoot video/audio. The SX10 had great video/audio capacity, but you can buy a handheld DV cam for less than the SX10 if you're really wanting one.

    Thanks for reading my rant! Spare yourself

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    point and shoot + clients? unless it syncs at something like 1/2000th of a second, I really don't understand that combination.

    and 1996-ish grain makes no sense.

    and you're comparing a point and shoot with a sensor that's smaller then your pinky fingernail to an SLR with a sensor almost the size of film.


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