Cameras 4 Children, Uganda. Need Donations!

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    In the summer of 2009, I am traveling to Uganda to volunteer for the HALO foundation ( HALO uses the arts to help afflicted children express themselves in third world countries. For the rehabilitation of former child soldiers, expression through art has proven to be one of the most effective forms of therapy, and allows the normally voiceless to express their value in a world that so often leaves them overlooked.

    I will be teaching the art of photography to needy children, and will be helping former commercial sex workers, child soldiers, and rape victims therapeutically express themselves through the means of photography.

    I was hoping that there are some generous members out there who would be willing to donate old film or old cameras to my cause.i will take any type of 120 or 35mm film and any type of 35mm or digital camera. im really trying to help bring hope to kids who havent seen much but civil war, kidnapping, and death for the last several years.

    film, cameras, or donations can be mailed to:

    Tyler Cacek
    Cameras 4 Children
    1805 crystal pt.
    Columbia, Mo 65203

    and i can be contacted via cell if you have any questions: 573.356.7861

    thank you guys so much in advance, i know you wont fail a good cause like this.



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