can speedlite 430 EXII be triggered by the light of a compact camera?


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Jul 30, 2013
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Im selling my 550D but would like to keep the speedlite as portable extra. I use a small compact camera, a regular "holidays"type. Very good but simple. Could I strigger the speedite 430 with the flash light of my compact camera? I didnt manage to find the info in the user's manual...
If it can be slaved then yes you can. Whether you have enough control over exposure with the compact could be an issue.
If you used the redeye setting it would flash too early wouldn't it?
If you watch digital rev videos of famous photographers with crappy cameras, many successfully set it with red eye setting. The room needs to be dark or the flash will never sense it.
If you put the flash onto an 'optical slave' like THIS, then it can be triggered when it senses another flash.

The problem is that most built-in camera flashes will use a pre-flash. In other words, they flash twice in quick succession. If the first flash triggers the slave flash, then it won't be able to fire again during the exposure.

Another issue is that the built-in flash in a P&S camera, may not be powerful enough to trigger a slave in some situations.

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