Can Suns pull it again?


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Nov 11, 2003
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Ahwatukee, AZ
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I thought the Mavs were going to administer a spanking to the Suns the second game. As of now they did, sort of, throughout the 1st half, yet the Suns are still ahead by 5. What gives??
I don't know but it's making me angry! I couldn't believe the Mavs blew that first game. They never seem to be able to regain a lead after they lose it.

40 minutes later:

Ok so Dallas won. Phx 98 - Dallas 105. I'm pretty surprised, but very pleased.:D
Yeah, it seems like the Suns are tired. Nash only scored two points in the second half and spent more than seven minutes on the bench. I bet his back is bothering him.
Well, Mavs fought better during the second half, they wanted the win more than the Suns. And that counts.
Yeah. Do you know why Erick Dampier wasn't getting any play last night? I didn't even notice that I hadn't seen him til 5 minutes before halftime.

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