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Aug 11, 2021
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It's well seen, but personally I find the bunch of branches on the right quite disturbing and especially the branch transverse to the flowing line of the wing hurts the composition. I'd do something about that if this was my image, I'm too much of a perfectionist to let something like that go, the cloning is really a quick one just to give an impression of what it could be, the correction/cloning doesn't detract from the scene and nature is further unaffected. Incidentally, I'd make the back of the goose slightly lighter and the lower left side (water) plus the blurred branch in the foreground of the photo a little darker, but that's of course entirely my personal preference.
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It's well seen, but personally…

I agree with everything you suggested except for the tonal values
of the bird.

Working in the publishing industry, the wilderness of a shot is the
most sought after character in an image and the rendition shall
not be conflicting the layout on a page. Layout artists like to have
flexible options for their work.

Thanks gk! :encouragement:

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